Green River Project

The Green River Project was born when, on a common ground, people from EXO Travel realized that the rivers of their own country were filled with waste and plastic. Not only this is damaging the magnificent landscapes of the Kingdom Of Cambodia, but it is also harmful to the people living in affected communities across the country. Waste pollution burnt, especially plastic, is seriously endangering the lives of the whole population on daily basis. The aim of this project is to partner with Universities/schools/youth volunteer groups around the country to spread awareness on waste pollution and to inform local inhabitants on the negative consequences of disposing unproperly of their waste (such as throwing garbage & plastic in the rivers).  They have decided to start this initiative with a campaign from Prek Leap until Chhroy Chongva.

What do they do?

EXO Travel Cambodia has officially signed a partnership with the Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PNCA) in order to address this matter together with their students. Thus, PNCA has gathered 235 volunteer students and EXO Travel Team has organized training for students on “Waste pollution & plastic waste”, in order to share their knowledge on this topic and help them to understand all the stakes behind this major issue. In total, 130 students have been on the ground to spread awareness on waste management to local inhabitants.

After seeing the commitment of the students, along with the energy that is building around the project, EXO Travel Cambodia is aiming at extending the action beyond the Chhroy Chongva community.

 How can you help?

  • DONATE – to support this initiative, buy waste collection bins and to help students to organize raising awareness campaigns.
  • VOLUNTEER – with students and/or to organize these campaigns.
  • FUNDRAISE – From sponsored walks to donation boxes, there are many ways to fundraise
  • CAMPAIGN & EDUCATE – Spread awareness on the Green River project campaigns and educate others.
  • MATERIALS – in kind donation of refillable bottles for students & inhabitants, pedagogical materials etc.
  • CORPORATE – Do you know of or work for a company that would be able to provide them with corporate sponsor?
  • PROMOTE – Promote Green River projetc through local media by contacting your local outlet, social media by joining their Facebook page, and speak to your friends and family, education is the key!!!

EXO Foundation Support

We have started our collaboration in 2018 in order to help them setting up the first campaigns and we hope this will be a long term one. We like that it is an initiative led by EXO Travel team in Cambodia, in partnership with other Civil Society organizations.

EXO Foundation encourages EXO Travel to spread Green River project activities and to offer travelers to contribute to this project.

In 2018, we donated $2000 for the project.

Help them to reach their target .


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