Viet Youth on Sustainable Tourism

Viet Youth on Sustainable Tourism (VYST) is a one-year project (10/2017 – 10/2018) led by a group of Vietnamese undergraduate students from British University Vietnam (BUV) and Vietnam University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU-USSH) who are extremely interested in learning about Sustainability issues related to the concept of Tourism, and spreading the message of responsible travelling to everyone.

With the slogan “Dare to dream. Dare to change!”, they would like to show their strong and faithful belief in a much better tourism industry that is beneficial and ethical for all; and the determination of making positive changes from smallest actions of every single individual.

The core missions of VYST are to raise people’s awareness of the importance of responsible traveling and the global trend of sustainable development, and make real positive impacts on both the environment and host communities by enhancing people’s knowledge, behaviors and actions on tourism-related activities.

The project is launched with the following aims:
• Raise people’s awareness (especially the young generation) about the importance of responsible travelling.
• Make real positive changes to the environment and host community by enhancing the public’s tourism knowledge and behaviour.
• Encourage Vietnamese young people to take the initiative and promote their leadership in spreading the meaningful message of responsible travelling.
• Provide Vietnamese young people with opportunities to demonstrate their confidence, enthusiasm, dynamic, unity and responsibility on mutual global issues.
• Promote the exchange of information and knowledge among young people nationwide.


The workshop  “Young leaders towards Sustainable Tourism”, was organized on 13th of April 2018 with support from EXO Travel as guest speaker. It tackled the concept of Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel; the contribution of Sustainable Tourism in the global drive for 17 Sustainable Development Goals; what Vietnam is doing with Sustainable Tourism and how every single individual can become a responsible traveler to contribute to the big picture. The rest of the workshop consisted in ice breaking games and group work to encourage people to cooperate to produce ideas together.

The photography contest “Stories worth sharing” is organized with the aim of encouraging people to take pictures and share their interesting and inspiring stories on how they travel responsibly. It is open to everyone all over Vietnam, regardless of age. Everyone regardless of gender, age, profession, social class, ethnic group is encouraged to join the contest. The top best 30 pictures will be exhibited in the project closing ceremony. It is believed that the contest will create huge impacts on people’s awareness about the individual responsibility for this global topic.

EXO Foundation has financially supported this project.