Poussières de Vie

Established in 2002, Poussieres de Vie is a French-Vietnamese NGO committed to making lasting, positive changes to the lives of Vietnamese children in need. To date the organisation has helped thousands of children and the communities they live in through a variety of projects that focus on education, health, culture preservation, farming and micro-businesses.

What do they do?

PdV starts by building the confidence and trust of the children they work with, moving on to equip them with English language and computer skills that will improve their opportunities in life. The organisation currently has two shelters in Saigon and another in Kon Tum and provides support for 700 orphans via animation and entertainment projects, health care and sexual education.

In Kon Tum, where the school drop out rate is high, particularly among the local Bnar and Jarai ethnic groups, PdV works with vulnerable young people to re-introduce local handicraft techniques like weaving and crafting jewellery from brass and bronze and supports the set up of local businesses. It is also helping to revive the traditional activities of net-fishing and dance performances.

The organisation has an ambitious sustainable tourism initiative, in collaboration with fellow NGO, Xuân. The Ecolodge Training Hotel a high grade professional facility where local young people and those from disadvantaged ethnic groups can learn the skills of the hospitality trade.  A traditional stilt house, the hotel is constructed using local materials and techniques and incorporate a system to treat and re-use water. It provides valuable training for thirty people every year and an exciting opportunity for tourists to discover and appreciate a fascinating local culture.

How can you help? 

Your donation directly benefits their needs:

  • US$ 550        Funds the annual training fees for one student
  • US$ 960        Funds the construction fees of a sleeping area in one dormitory
  • US$ 3 400     Funds the construction of one individual room

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