ChildSafe Network

ChildSafe is a network of local and international businesses and groups that protect children from abuse and prevent them from being placed in abusive situations. ChildSafe was created by Friends-International, a social enterprise with its head office based in Cambodia that protects marginalized children and youth, and reintegrate them into society.

What do they do?

ChildSafe aims to prevent urban children and youth from engaging in risky behaviour and/or dangerous situations that compromise their futures, and works at actively involving them in the development of their society. With this purpose, the network runs an ‘always-open’ support centre and 24-hour hotlines to assist the children and youth living and working on the streets. These centers provide social, medical and economic development support to children and to families in which children are at risk of coming on the streets. Childsafe also works with local communities, businesses and travelers spreading the word on the negative impacts of certain attitudes and activities and encourages them to be aware of, and report any  situation where children may be at risk.

How can you help?

Be ChildSafe:

  • Do not buy products, give money or food to begging children. These situations discourage them from accessing school or training.
  • Avoid visits to orphanages, schools or dumpsites as part of your travel activities. These types of tours are voyeuristic and may even exploit children and their families for the financial gain of their organisers.
  • Use services provided by ChildSafe members, or ask your travel agent to do so. They are equipped to respond immediately to a child in danger.
  • Purchase products made from parents or youth in training to help strengthen family environments.

Your contribution directly benefits their needs:

  • US$ 50       buy a dedicated brick for your friends and family in the wall of Mit Samlah’s training center
  • US$ 127     1 year of covered costs for 1 child/youth.
  • US$ 200     material for training and monitoring ChildSafe members during 1 month.
  • US$ 300     1 month salary for 1 ChildSafe hotline worker.

In-kind donations are also welcome by ChildSafe: Rice, bedding, hygiene materials, clothing and shoes for children and youth up to 24 years old, bicycles, sewing machines, computers and printers in working order, second-hand motorbikes or trucks for transportation, obsolete vehicles for mechanics vocational training.

EXO Foundation support

As a certified ChildSafe Network member, EXO Foundation vow not to employ under-aged staff, to terminate staff who do not comply with the child protection code, to promote ChildSafe information to our agents and clients and train our guides in ChildSafe practices.

EXO Travel is part of the ChildSafe network with staff having attended ChildSafe training since 2012, and in 2016 EXO Travel was the first company worldwide to become ChildSafe certified. We reproduce the  ChildSafe TIPS in the booklet ‘Tips for responsible Travelers ‘ that EXO distributes to travelers since 2013.

  1. ben Reply
    Hello, We are looking at purchasing products to support your organisation and would like to sell them on your behalf here in Australia. We would market the products and let others know of your charitable work. We are wondering if you may be able to send us details of what products you make and sell and prices (in $USD) and how many you can provide us. We would like to support you and feel that this is a good way to assist. Thanks Ben
    • EXO Foundation Reply
      Hi yes this is indeed a great way to support this very nice organization. I answer you separately in an email to put you in touch directly with them. Best

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