The Trailblazer Foundation

Country : Cambodia
Type : Health & Sanitation, Community Development

The Trailblazer foundation is an NGO based in Cambodia working at grass root level in different core areas of development (water, health, education, community development) through a participatory approach with villagers.

Despite a decade of growth (1994-2004), poverty in Cambodia remains high at 38% Siem Reap – the province where Trailblazer bases most of its projects – is one of the poorest provinces of Cambodia with 30% of its residents living below poverty line.

By providing training and appropriate technology, the Trailblazer Foundation empowers rural villagers to create self-sustaining programs and get better life chances.

What do they do?

Health and Sanitation

Bio sand water filters

Cambodia is a country of 14,000,000 with over 9,000,000 cases of diarrheal disease, estimated to be costing the nation $448 million a year. One of the easiest ways to combat poverty and disease is to provide access to clean water sources.

To date, Trailblazer has provided access to clean water to over 100,000 people by installing 384 bio-sand water filters in rural villages. Their goal is that one in every three families in rural villages is provided with a bio-sand water filter to ensure their water is potable.


The Trailblazer Foundation provided water to over 250 families by drilling 90 pull pump wells and 2 deeper filtration wells with new semi-automated drilling machines acquired in 2012. It is their goal that one in every three to five families in rural villages are provided with a well as a consistent source of water.

Sustainable Development

Vocational training

Trailblazer supports the Women’s Development Centre [WDC], a local NGO that serves over 2,000 women in the four villages surrounding Siem Reap, in order to improve their standards of living through vocational training in skills that increase employment opportunities and income generation.

The Trailblazer Foundation supported the WDC providing 20 new sewing machines and 20 weaving looms.


The wells that Trailblazer Foundation install provide villagers with enough water for irrigation of vegetables and fruits plantations in all seasons, thereby reducing the effects of regular droughts. To augment food securities their team also established one fishpond with the delivery of 330 fish to a farmer in Bos Tatrav village, and conducted 3 training sessions for growing Edamame bean and oyster mushroom production in 2012.

School construction

Although schools are not the Foundation’s main mission or focus, when funding permits and request is made by villages, Trailblazer support the construction of public primary schools with the government responsible for paying the staff and providing the Cambodian curriculum.


At times Trailblazer provides rural villagers with utilities such as flip flops, mosquito nets, bicycles and school uniforms.

They also assist the Global Medic Team by coordinating visits to poor families.

EXO Foundation support

Trailblazer is a grassroots implementer which is making a real difference and allows changing lives as well as influence local development policies.

In 2017 we donated $2,500 to help them purchase new well drilling equipment & machinery, in  2015 d $3,000, in 2013 the EXO Foundation made a US$2,300 donation to be used to dig 10 pull pump wells and buy 10 bios sand water filters in Pouk district South of Siem Reap improving the livelihoods of over 150 persons.

How can you help?

Your donation directly benefits their needs

We guarantee that this project will receive 100% of all donations made via EXO Foundation, as we cover all money transfer expenses. If you decide to give directly to the organisation, we ask that you please inform us so we can acknowledge your generosity on our Facebook page and in our annual report, and measure the effectiveness of our work to support valuable projects in the region.

US$ 10 10 pairs of Flip flops (to protect against hookworm) or 1 school uniform.
US$ 20 4 Mosquito nets
US$ 45 1 bicycle (to keep a student in school)
US$ 60 1 bio-sand water filter provides up to 15 people with clean drinking water
US$ 220 1 PVC pull pump well provides 3 to 5 families with access to water
US$ 600     Drilling 1 deeper well with larger bore and equipped with a filtration system at the base

  1. Chris Reply
    In addition to cash donations that have been made, Exofoundation donated 27 tents to Trailblazer Foundation for distribution to families in Chikreng district who lost their homes to a tornado. We greatly appreciate their partnership on this project and look forward to further support and cooperation in the future.
  2. Christine Reply
    Hi this is a great organisation we wish to work with

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