The Children of Maidafu – Orphanage Without Walls

Type : Education & Vocational Training, Human Protection

Our association was founded in 1999 by Marcel Roux, a former vice-president of Doctors without Borders. His Chinese name was Madaifu, Ma for Marcel and Daifu for doctor.

Since then, our key programme, « Orphanage Without Walls », aims to give back their hope and dignity to orphaned children in the remote and destitute parts of western China of the Gansu Province.

We give destitute orphans another chance by supporting them in their studies and keeping them in a safe family environment… supporting them till they can fend for themselves.

In 2017, we support 122 children aged from 6 to 22 (including 27 of them in high school).

Our association is registered in China according to new legislation.

What do they do?

Because they know how much importance we give field work, teachers and local authorities point out to us the children most in need of help. We visit the child at home and in school to assess his needs and ensure he can stay with his grandparents, aunt or uncle. When we start supporting a child, we sign an agreement with both them and their families.

Our help includes a «living allowance» for food and clothing and school fees.

Children of Madaifu’s local manager and volunteers ensure thorough follow-ups of the children’s situation, as well as that of their families and schools. We also respond to local needs, as expressed by the schools and communities.

When Children of Madaifu starts supporting a child and their family, we always ensure we can keep going until he finishes school. This long-term commitment is essential to our work and therefore requires repeated and regular donations.

How can you help?

  • SUPPORT their annual events in China and France
    • such as the Apple Day in November in Beijing and Shanghai
    • Madaifu Express “treasure hunt” in Paris
  • Support special events with the great artists who already support us such as Prune Noury, Gilles Sabrié, Wen Fang
  • COLLECT through your own dedicated activities
    • Invent your sport event to benefit our association
    • Organise a charity dinner with an auction

Their volunteers, based in Shanghai, Beijing and Paris will be happy to work on your initiatives with you!

Your donations can be made here

EXO Foundation Support

We are very keen to welcome what is our first beneficiary in China. Les Enfants de Maidafu (Children of Maidafu ) as they are fully in line with our values and principles: keeping children in their families instead of keeping them in an orphanage outside of society and their community; No visit to children centers by tourists or donors, no individual sponsoring of children.

In 2017, we donated $4,800 to their excellent program « Orphanage Without Walls ».


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