Nha Chong Lu

Nha Chong Lu is a non-profit organization established in November 2013, focusing on building safe houses against flooding for poor households in Vietnam. It is a social project in which the community works together to build safe homes and provide livelihood support to the poorest in areas affected by natural disasters. Especially in the provinces of the central region. Vietnam frequently suffers from natural disasters and extreme climatic conditions. Every year we witness the devastation of natural disasters and the collapse of human and human losses.

Most people in disaster areas are living in simple houses with only one floor and when flood waters rise they can be flooded up to the roof.¬†A house is the foundation for people’s safe life against the harshness of storms and thunderstorms.

What do they do?

In areas affected by natural disasters and climate change (Quang Ninh, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Nam, South West), Nha Chong Lu builds houses and¬†mobilizes the strength of the local community. Each beneficiary selected by the organization has to contribute to at most 50% of the value of the house, as their main purpose is to build people’s self-esteem, so that they can live proudly in their homes. Nha Chong Lu selects families which need the most support with a priority given to¬†crowded families, households with young children.

So far, nearly 400 houses have been built with 400 completely different designs that are tailor-made to suit the needs and preferences of the people. People are self-determined, so they become confident and happy.

By 2020, they aim to build sustainable models of safe houses and livelihoods for all disaster-stricken and flood-prone areas throughout Vietnam so that poor families can take the initiative in coping with natural disasters.

EXO Foundation support

After the hit of Damrey Typhoon in 2017, EXO Foundation has decided to support Nha Chong Lu ti build resilient houses in Quang Nam Province, downstream of Thu Bon River & islets (nearby Hoi An).

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