Mae Sot Hospitality and Catering Training Center (HCTC)

Country : Thailand
Type : Education & Vocational Training

The Hospitality and Catering Training Center (HCTC), located in Mae Sot (Thailand), is a vocational training center providing a two years quality training in hospitality and catering careers such as cook, waiter, bartender, housekeeper and receptionist. That welcomes in average 60 underprivileged young Thai-Karen per 2 years, aged 16 to 22, in order to create opportunities for them to have better lives. It was co-created in 2008 by a Thai NGO, the Tak Border Child Assistance Foundation (TBCAF), and by French NGO, the European Institute of Cooperation and Development (IECD), to fill the gap in educational services accessible to Karen youth, and to promote their social and professional integration in Thai society.


What do they do?


The project promotes the socio-economic integration of rural Thai youth in hospitality and catering trades.

HCTC provides a high level of education to its beneficiaries during the training and accompany them in their job placement after the training in order to help them to find jobs in high quality standards hotels all over Thailand. The Tak region, where the school is located, faces a relatively low educational level, offers few employment opportunities and is at the heart of substantial social challenges, due to its situation at the Thai Myanmar border.


The training center includes classrooms, a vocational hotel-restaurant called “The Passport”, a dormitory, a canteen, a media laboratory and a pedagogic garden. The theoretical and practical training allows students to acquire technical skills (kitchen, service, reception, housekeeping) but also general skills (languages, life skills…).


Thanks to a solid network of partners comprising more than 70 hotels, students also carry out two internships for a total of seven months, which help student to define their career project and integrate the job market. This network is completed by numerous institutions and associations that participate at various levels of the training.


Among the 23 students who graduated last april 2016, 16 found a job in less than one month after their graduation, one student participated in a national contest in kitchen, while the others are on the process to finalize their job application process.


How can you help?

 Sponsor the studies of one student

By granting 50,000 THB (approximately $1,500) per student for one year, can contribute to the scholarship expenses of a student and give him the chance to get a better future.



Through our student sponsorship initiative, you will :

-Have instant CSR visibility and recognition

-Assist our financial sustainability and allow us to get better at what we do

 Contact if you wish to make a donation



Dine & Sleep at The Passport


You are welcome for dinner to support our school at the application restaurant

The Passport, 507 Moo 10, Mae Pa, Mae Sot.

You can try some amazingly tasty food cooked and served by the students, and choose between Asian or Western menu (250THB to 290THB : starter, main course, dessert) with an extensive cheese platters, wines and cocktails list (Trip Advisor Certificate of Exellence 2015). Moreover, you can also sleep in The Passport hotel (Only 300THB to 500 THB) which offers 4 spacious rooms, quiet to work and relax, a meeting room (35 seats) and a friendly atmosphere with nature all around.

EXO Foundation support

In 2016, the EXO Foundation donated $5,000 to this vocational training program run with the support of the excellent French organisation IECD.

EXO Thailand now includes a stop at The Passport excellent restaurant on its tours to Mae Sot, make sure it is included in your tour if you travel to Mae Sot!




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