The Gift of Happiness

Country : Thailand
Type : Health & Sanitation, Community Development, Human Protection, Humanitarian Aid

The inspiration behind the Gift of Happiness Foundation (GoHF) dates back to 2000, when British expat and professional entertainer, Edward Haworth introduced his alter ego, Eckie the Clown, to bring the gift of laughter to orphans and other disadvantaged children in Bangkok. Today, a team of dedicated volunteers is in place to support his efforts and GoHF has expanded to bring not only laughter but also essential goods to people in need throughout Thailand.

 What do they do?

Gift of Happiness performs a show for one week every month to thousands of children at refugee camps, migrant schools, and health centers all over Thailand. Additionally, short shows are provided in Bangkok at orphanages, slums, schools, and homes for physically or mentally challenged children.The gift of laughter has the ability to help children who live in difficult circumstances to cope with the hardships they face and to provide them with lasting, positive memories.  

The tours are always followed by load trucks of essential goods like clothes, food, medical supplies, etc. in order to be given to the family or the organization. Because the aim of the NGO is to give happiness and thinking that the access to it should be the right of everyone, they also provide toys to the children.

In 2012, Gift Of Happiness supported around 110 000 of beneficiaries with shows and donations.

EXO Foundation support

The EXO Foundation has been supporting Gift of Happiness since 2014

  • directly with a total donation of $5,000 and clothes donation collected from EXO Thailand Staff
  • indirectly recommending our clients to support this project, as such one MICE group from the Netherlands ENJO made a $1150 donation.
  • $3,000 in June 2016
  • $4,000 in 2017


On this we wish to add a special comment; EXO has as a policy not to bring any adult tourist in compounds where children are under 12 years old. Aside from the fact that such visits and interactions are strictly forbidden in Western countries to protect children, EXO is not willing to contribute to any tourism based on voyeurism or showcase of misery. A policy not easily understood by many as most people feel they are only willing to do well and are not aware of the issues at stake. But ENJO understood perfectly well, they’ve made a donation of 1150$ before they even travelled to Thailand. Prior to their seminar they communicate to all on Gift of Happiness project, the donation made and then during the seminar they introduced the project in more details and organise an auction with all profits accruing to the project. ENJO deserves a big applause as they generously consider their priority is to fulfil the children needs rather than seeking their direct recognition or any emotional interaction with them.

 How can you help?

 The work of the NGO is impressive but the number of people in need is even more so. By donating to Gift of Happiness, you help children to have a more stable and normal childhood. A donation to GoH will help the Foundation perform their lively educational shows to more  disadvantaged children and provide them with food, new school uniforms, hygiene products, medical supplies, etc.

 – Include in your tour to Thailand the visit of The Bangkok Charity Shop where you can Bring & Buy items. Goods are sold on the shop and the money raised will help the NGO for their actions.

Your donations directly benefit their needs:

  •  US$ 8              buys a small medical kit to protect children from infections following minor accidents.
  • US$ 12.00        buys a  school uniform for one  student aged under 10 years.
  • US$ 14.00        buys a  school uniform for one  student aged between 10 and 16.
  • US$ 20.00        buys soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste for 60  students.
  • US$ 25.00         buys much needed high protein food – fish, eggs and milk- to feed one  safe house for abused

women and children or one AIDS Center.

  • US$ 30.00         buys underwear for one child under 10 years old.
  • US$ 37.00         buys one 50kg bag of rice,  purchased locally to support  rural farmers and traders.
  • US$ 38.00         buys underwear and sanitary products for women and teenage girls for two  months.
  • US$ 50.00         buys pencils and copy books for 60  students.
  •  US$ 100.00      funds one truck, driver and fuel to deliver 1.5 tons of essential goods to disadvantaged


  •  US$ 1,000.00   pays for an entire five day aid & performance project that provides around 1,000 needy children

with several tons of essential goods and a valuable learning opportunity.

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