Shanty Town Spirit supports slums’ families

Country : Cambodia
Type : Education & Vocational Training, Health & Sanitation, Community Development, Human Protection

Shanty Town Spirit was created in 2012 when his founder discovered children living in the garbage-filled slum of Boeung Trabek were collecting rubbish instead of going to school. Since then the association aim has been to provide to the impoverished children of the slum, and their families, the minimum required to have a decent quality of life in term of education, hygiene and healthcare.

What do they do?

The goal is to support the community members in becoming self sufficient and be able to support their own families. Our main focus is that every child in the community attends school.


We provide them with tuition, school supplies, uniforms, books, English lessons. We help children with their homework.

We elaborate a reward system where we offer to our top best students gifts such as bicycle, clothes, training shoes, books…

Young adults who couldn’t get yet an education are encouraged and motivated to find an internship to learn new skills and obtain at the end of the internship a job.

Medical Program:

We follow all medical issues and supply them for minor health issue. In case of sickness or surgery, we helped our members financially and psychologically. We provide also reading glasses and we send all children for dental checkup.

Necessary controls are supported : hygiene, pregnancies, birth control, sexual disease prevention.

Sustainability Program:

We want to change the mindset of parent about their kids, that they must let their children go to school and understand that education is primordial instead of sending them to collect garbage.

We teach accountability and personal responsibility to achieve sustainability.

The fact their children get an education, they understand they will give back for their

We organize a new way of life for them and give them the tools to improve their life and increase their quality of life. We advise them to budget and to manage their income.

Household Support Program:

We evaluate their houses, their problems and how can we help them more efficiently.

We help to fix houses and buy furniture and household equipment.

Nutrition is monitored and we donate them rice, do groceries for them and take care of our elderly community.

Recreational Activities:

We take out children to park recreation, public parks, swimming pools, movie theater, restaurant.

Often offered by our supporters and donors

How can you help?

US$ 5            Hygiene product or extra class for 1 subject at school or basic medicine for one family for one month

US$ 10         One school uniform

US$ 15         Blood, optometry test

US$ 20         Visit to a general practitioner

US$ 45         75 kg of rice to support a family of 4 for 1 month

US$ 100       Support 1 kid for 1 month for education, hygiene, health and entertainment activities

US$200        Furniture for a house in the slum

US$ 300      To set up an house in electrical standard (many houses catch fire in the slums)

US$ 960       Allowance for an elder for 1 year

EXO Foundation support

Since 2016, the EXO Foundation donated $8,000 to this program which is now supporting a few families within this community litterally living ON garbage, and which needs much more support to break the cycle of poverty, hunger, disease and misery. Aside this donation EXO Foundation gave 20 copies of our comic strip, Don’t Waste your Waste – GB Version within the frame of a clean up program called CAKE Shanti contributes to on the small island opposite Naga World where garbage collection is not organised. pick up.

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