Lone Buffalo

Country : Laos
Type : Education & Vocational Training

The Lone Buffalo Foundation (LBF) is a non-profit organisation formed in 2010, following the death of the inspirational Manophet who founded EDS school & football club in Phonsavan, North Eastern Laos. Manophet committed his life to helping others. Everyone who met him was touched by his dedication, generosity, selflessness and stamina.

The Xieng Khouang province is one of the most heavily bombed places in the world, a tragic and deadly legacy of the second Indochina war.

LBF are committed to improving opportunities for young people through English study and football coaching. LBF aims to enhance the opportunities for careers in the business and tourism sectors for Phonsavan’s young people.


What do they do?

LBF create a unique environment in which boys and girls can study, develop, build confidence and play sport together. With this purpose, the Foundation provides free English study for young people in Phonsavan and a platform to practice language and hospitality skills. They also offer computer skills and free Internet access to support young people’s studies. They teach five levels of English, from beginner to intermediate, using a combination of trained local teachers and qualified western volunteer teachers.

Students come from relatively poor backgrounds but we believe that they should be given the same chance as others to benefit from the opportunities that will arise as Lao graduates from the UN’s ‘least developed’ status. Most students’ parents are farmers – but they have similar ambitions to other young people for successful careers in business, arts and technology. The aim is to help them achieve these aspirations.

LBF host inspirational guest speakers and arrange field trips to local attractions, encouraging young people to contribute to and learn about their community. A further phase of the Lone Buffalo project aims to give students the chance to develop service skills by volunteering within the local community. Working with local and international organisations, LBF strives to increase career opportunities in hospitality, tour guiding, tourism, teaching and industry.

LBF’ also aims to support and train Lao teachers, improving general teaching skills within the community and runs corporate English training programs for local businesses.

They encourage creativity through film making workshops. They produced short films, some have won awards at international student film making events. The Foundation movie On Safer Ground, released in 2013, generated international awareness of the tragic Unexploded Ordnance problem in Laos.

How can you help?

If you visit Phonsavan, you can buy Lone Buffalo merchandise and our Student Guide to Phonsavan at Bamboozle Restaurant and Cranky T’s Café.


Sponsor a class – It costs $1200 a year to support a class of 25 students.

Lone Buffalo Class Supporters Programme


Your donations directly benefit their needs:

We guarantee that this project will receive 100% of all donations made via EXO Foundation, as we cover all money transfer expenses. If you make a direct donation to the organisation (www.justgiving.com/lone-buffalo), and inform us we will match it to 50%.

Supporting Lone Buffalo will help towards achieving their key objectives

  • Start new classes for many of the young people waiting to join Lone Buffalo. More than 200 new students registered during the 2016 term and are waiting for classes.
  • Provide employment and training for new local teachers.
  • Provide opportunities for females – almost 50% of students are girls and Lone Buffalo has female football coaches and film directors.
  • Provide school fees (where necessary) to assist current Lone Buffalo students finishing High School ensuring they find university or vocational school placements.
  • Support Lone Buffalo Teacher Training workshops to improve the quality of teaching within the local community.
  • Fund FIFA coaching certificates for male and five female students.
  • Fund film-making projects at Lone Buffalo for the Vientianale Film Festival and Cinema Sports school and university events.
  • Launch the Lone Buffalo website

EXO Foundation support

In 2016, the EXO Foundation donated $2,400 to sponsor 2 english classes, we wish them all good luck and maybe one day they come to work at EXO!


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    Your request was sent to Lone Buffalo.
  2. Ricci sims Reply
    Hello, I would like to apply for the position of," Ideally Trained Teacher." I applied for position of Senior Teacher but needed supervisory experience, which I lack. I have over seventeen years teaching experience in Vietnam and China. I contacted Mark. Reily twice about the position but heard nothing back. I am currently based in China.

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