Fair Fashion, Alliance Anti Trafic

Country : Vietnam
Type : Economic Development, Human Protection

Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT), together with its partner, Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Precaire (AFESIP), works to combat the sex trafficking of women and children and provide essential support – including accommodation, healthcare, counselling and life skills training classes – for victims. The NGO has been fighting the causes and consequences of sexual exploitation since 1996 and during that time has saved an estimated 8 000 women.

Specialising in ready to wear, custom made clothes, accessories and interior textiles, Fair Fashion, is a garment atelier in Ho Chi Minh City that provides training and work for former residents of AAT’s rehabilitation centre.

What do they do?

The NGO’s rehabilitation programmes provide accommodation and protection, two years’ professional training, psychological and medical follow-up care, reintegration into family environments and social integration practices, following which the women they help and support are repatriated to their place of origin. To date, AAT has supported the creation of 30 micro enterprises and provided new life opportunities for 500 women.

In 2004, AAT supported the opening of a garment factory, Fair Fashion, in Ho Chi Minh City, its goal to create employment for the women it works with and at the same time develop a unique and sustainable social enterprise that takes a beneficiary-centred approach, where employees and their working conditions are of primary importance.  Fair Fashion has grown steadily since its launch and currently produces over 12 000 pieces of high quality clothing every year, which are exported to a number of continents.  It cooperates with well-known fashion designers from Vietnam and abroad to strengthen its design, quality and international marketing operations. Fair Fashion now supports not only women who have been sexually exploited, but also women in other difficult circumstances.  Since 2011, it has been a fully autonomous enterprise and plans to expand its activities and production capacity over the coming years.

The earnings of garment factory workers in Vietnam has risen by around 30% over the past two years to about $70 a month, and as a result many factories are relocating to countries like Bangladesh where salaries are lower.  Bucking the trend, FF is striving to maintain jobs in Vietnam by working with top brands who seek high quality fabric and finish. The company pays $200 per month, well above the local average; its employees work 176 hours a month and get 22 days paid leave each year.

What can you do to help?

Fair Fashion intends to build a vocational training school in the Mekong Delta to equip women in difficulties with tailoring skills so they can earn a decent living instead of being tempted or forced into the sex trade to support themselves and their families. The planned facility would have the capacity to train 50 women a year over a two year period.

The total cost of this project is $583 000 and ATAC is seeking financial support for up to $192 000.  While it has received offers from European corporations, the organisation chooses to remain independent and raise the funds it needs over time; all donations are warmly received and word of mouth goes a long way.

Another way to help provide much needed support for women in difficult circumstances is to treat yourself – or a friend – to some stylish, quality clothing from Fair Fashion, available in their online shop.

Donate to this project

We guarantee that this project will receive 100% of all donations made via EXO Foundation, as we cover all money transfer expenses. If you decide to give directly to the organisation, we ask that you please inform us so we can acknowledge your generosity on our Facebook page and in our annual report, and measure the effectiveness of our work to support valuable projects in the region.

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