Big Brother Mouse

Country : Laos
Type : Education & Vocational Training

Big Brother Mouse is a not-for-profit, Lao-owned project employing local staff who work with the goal of helping young Laotians develop new and beneficial skills, it is not an NGO. Started by a retired American publisher working with several bright and dedicated Laotian college students, Big Brother Mouse started publishing “books that make literacy fun!”

What do they do?

Big Brother Mouse (BBM) is a literacy project aiming to promote the love of reading and learning amongst children in Laos. Many Lao children have never seen a book, let alone a textbook, and some not even that. In order to fight this, BBM organises ‘book parties’ by getting books into remote villages. In a three hour period, young local staff from BBM talk with children and their teachers about the books, developing games, drawing, singing and reading-aloud activities around them. Ultimately, they let each child choose one book to take with them, read it and discuss their findings with other children. Moreover, the village is provided with a stock of 80 books to serve as mini-libraries and for schools to reading into their educational programmes.

BBM publishes books written and illustrated by Lao writers for children to educate themselves through reading.

How can you help?

Ask your travel agent or guide to visit BBM when in Luang Prabang. There you can:

– Read books to children.

– Bring a book or an eductaional toy/game and show staff how to use it before leaving it for them to use in the future.

– Help young adults with English conversation techniques.

Your donation directly benefits their needs:

US$ 250      Sponsors a book party in a small village

US$ 250      Covers 10% of the cost of a new small book to be printed

US$ 400      Sponsors a book party in a large village

US$ 600      Covers 10% of the cost of a large book to be printed

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